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The company is located in Mengyin County town Menglianggu Industrial Park Linyi city duo. West of the county seat 27 kilometers away from the Menglianggu duo Zhuang expressway exit 3 km. Yanzhou road across the East, Yimeng road runs through the north and the south, beautiful environment, superior geographical position and convenient transportation. The company mainly produces and sales of metal abrasive, grit, steel castings, steel, building materials, ship, mineral products and other products.
The company has been committed to improving enterprise production, operation and management, the introduction of advanced management concepts, learn from the successful management of the same industry excellent management model, combined with the actual company. The formulation conforms to the company's production management policy, in the organizational structure aspect, according to the principle of reasonable, high efficiency, streamlining, in the personnel disposition aspect, has a high quality, the professional ability troop. The staff in the higher education level, with only the virtuous, the company adhere to the "capable, light let, Yongzhe" competition for employment system. Optimize the allocation of human resources, so that the joint efforts of human resources to achieve maximum.
Shandong cypress Metal Technology Development Co., Ltd. adopts the advanced design concept, meanwhile, in view of the successful experiences of other famous enterprises, it has more advantages of independent innovation and more flexible operation. At the same time, efforts should be made to develop green economy and circular economy in order to make a positive contribution to the economic development of the county.
Enterprises to do strong, repay the society, the development of the company has been at all levels of government and leaders attach great importance to and vigorously support, as a social responsibility of the enterprise, using the advantages of capital and technology, with the help of Mengyin county industrialization policies, adhere to the science and technology, promote green industry, to create well-known brands in product quality, make in a big contribution to the economic development of Shandong Province, as the old revolutionary base areas in Mengyin mountainous areas of economic development and increase the highlight of the new economic growth point.

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